Where You Can Enjoy Romantic Vacations in Italy

Italy for long has been associated with romance, a fact that can be attested with the legendary St. Valentine from whom the famous Valentine’s Day emanated from. It is one of the best places on earth you can experience the best romantic getaway possible with your lover.

Traveling to USA is relatively more complicated compared to traveling to Italy given the requirement to apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) if existing you can renew it by esta renewal. It is a bit less complicated for citizens to get the ESTA if they are coming from Visa Waiver Program (VWP), countries. Traveling to Italy for a romantic holiday getaway with your spouse/partner should not have such many legal requirements, as traveling to the US: which makes your whole experience of the whole journey all the more enjoyable.

Romantic Vacations in Italy
The following is a list of the best romantic vacations in Italy which you should always strive at experiencing. They are:
• Costa Esmeralda (Sardinia): Located at the Esmeralda Coast of Sardinia, it has been the favorite romantic vacation spot for the rich and famous around the world. It is where the “heavy-rollers” go to wine and dine in the best romantic facilities that money can possibly buy. It has olive tree covering the hills overlooking the Heavenly Bays which is a favorite spot for romantic getaways. The coastline has sandy beaches having some of the best beach resorts you can find all over Europe.

• Tuscany: This is a very famous name, to many from all over the globe, and by all rights it deserves such recognition, made it to be known as “the Jewel in the Crown of the Renaissance”. It has so much beautiful experiences for the romantic couple to experience ranging from wonderful architectures; rich history and art found at Florence, having a nice stroll at Siena streets having cobblestone, or you can experience the thrilling meanderings as you travel down the Chianti region taking you through wine tours. But perhaps the most picturesque places to visit in Tuscany are Chianti, Lucca, Florence, San Gimignano, Montalcino, Pienza, Cortona, Montepulciano just to mention a few.

• Venice: Made famous by Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice play. It is another destination for romantic vacations in Italy, as can be attested by one Truman Capote who described it as “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go”. It is truly a seductive city where romance just burst out into the air, it is one place where getting the “Yes” from the girl you have been longing to exchange vows with can easily happen, given the attractions there which will get her drunk with happiness. It has numerous small bridges which interconnect hundreds of building together in this magnificent magical city that is water immerged.

• The Italian Riviera: This is the coast of Liguria, having numerous small harbors, pastel houses and fishing villages. With the most picturesque being the Portofino village where all your romantic dreams comes alive. There is another “peace of heaven” resort called the Santa Margherita Ligure offering gracious atmosphere and is more pocket friendly compared to Portofino. You can also spoil yourselves to a stroll down the streets of Rapallo, Camogli, Finale Ligure and SestriLevantetowns streets having palms trees waving over them.

• Piedmont: Located northwest of Italy, The Piedmont is a mountainous place with beautiful scenery surrounding it. Best known for wines experience at Barolo and Barbera wines, and chocolates tasting at the truffles of Alba. It is also home to Baroque architectures making up its grand palaces, café and museums.
The above are some of the best romantic vacations in Italy you could go with your lover, especially on your honeymoon or if you are just looking to rekindle the fire in your relationship. These places mentioned above will help you experience a pleasurable moment with your lover.

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