5 European Destinations You’ve Always Wanted to Visit

Europe is jampacked with popular tourist and traveller destinations; each one with their own merits, and appealing to a whole range of different holidaymakers. If you haven’t had a chance to explore Europe yet, then you’re definitely missing out. Combining our own travel expertise with personal experience, we have come up with the 5 European destinations that everybody should visit.

1. Athens

The Greek capital hits number one on our European list every single time, and for good reason too. A heady mix of old and new, historic sites and contemporary attractions make Athens an incredible place to go on vacation. If you’re looking for some classic ancient architecture then you won’t be disappointed with what Athens has to offer. Those who prefer something a bit more upbeat than looking at ruins should check out the nightlife in the city centre. The best thing about Greece is that nothing is too far away, meaning you can also island hop from the port of Piraeus, just minutes from Athen’s centre by train.

2. Moscow

Russia may never really have crossed your mind when it comes to thinking of holiday destinations, but you may be surprised at how much Moscow has to offer. From extraordinary buildings to captivating museums, history buffs will love the Russian capital. Those who prefer a city with a bit of adventure should hit one of the many Moscow bars, to try some of the world famous vodka and mind-blowing clubs. Just don’t forget to pack your jumpers, this isn’t the hottest European destination on our list.

3. Paris

Amazing food, amazing wine, amazing sights; what’s not to love about Paris? There’s the obvious points of interest, such as the Eiffel tower and the Louvre. Then you have the slightly more abstract, such as Moulin Rouge and Jim Morrison’s resting place. If you’re planning a family holiday then there’s always one huge selling point to visit Paris, in the form of Disneyland. With easy travel routes in and out of Europe, Paris is one of those places we’ve all wanted to visit at some point.

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4. Amsterdam

There’s something alluring about Amsterdam, which we can’t quite put our finger on. It’s not the coffee shops that sell this destination to us though; it’s more about the culture and relaxed attitude of the Dutch. There’s some rather unique things to see and do in Amsterdam; from the Anne Frank Museum to the famous flower market, which floats on the beautiful canal. Just like Paris, Amsterdam is easy to get to. Unlike Paris hotels and hostels are pretty cheap; you can find a room for under £20 a night on websites such as www.venere.com

5. Prague

Prague is fast becoming one of those ‘talked about’ places, that everyone wants to visit at least once in their life. Although the Czech Republic was once dismissed by holidaymakers, it has now risen up the tourist hotspot charts thanks to Prague. This romantic city is renowned for its beautiful buildings, stunning scenery and rich history. There are also a whole ton of pretty bars, cafes and restaurants to spend your evenings in.

They’re our top 5 European destinations, but what about you? Where is number one on your list of places to visit in Europe?

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