3 Simple Home Automation Additions for Any Home

Smart home technology or home automation can have different meanings to people, from simple TV and multi-room audio distribution to an automated package for the entire home that controls TV recording, audio and home cinema to lighting, security, heating, telephony, and more.

A smart home will enable you to have full control of your environment. Security is a common home automation area among many. Other home automation systems make it easy for you to personalize your space for temperature, lighting, mood and music. You can pre-program and make schedule changes and leave the rest to your system. You can monitor your water and energy usage closely through home automation systems. When you have energy management software, you can monitor and receive detailed reports based on month, day, hour or time.

3 Home Automation Additions Must Haves


A good way for the homeowner to monitor and control the home’s inside temperature is through a smart thermostat. The device is made to manage the energy use in your home and minimize utility bill costs. This smart thermostat is easy to install in under 30 minutes and easy to use. When you turn the dial for setting the temperature, the device learns for later settings. You can even get a mobile app which will allow you to adjust your home’s temperature when you are not home.


This Phillips gadget allows you to control your home’s lighting. A bridge is connected to your router to enable your home network. Each fixture has a bulb added to it and you can control your lights when not home through a mobile app. You can control the color and intensity of the light. You can turn your lights on or off through this app on your mobile phone. The bulbs that you will use for this come with a lifespan of 15,000 hours. You can reduce your energy costs a lot using a Hue.

Smart Things

If you are a homeowner who tends to forget to turn off electronics in your home, this is the gadget for you. You can turn off anything that you have in your home that is plugged into an electric socket. You can use your smartphone to do this or a website on the Internet. You can control this gadget from your laptop, tablet or computer where there is a WiFi hotspot connection. This works great as a security system since it sends you an alert for an activated motion sensor and more. You can set up a central hub through your wireless network.

Smart home technology helps families by being convenient and providing them with a safe environment for them to live in. More and more people today are making their homes a smart home through smart home technology.

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