Best Android App Updates


A faster performance and quick startup could be expected by users with the newest opera updates. The mobile browser would now be powered by the Chromium 28 engine. Video files could be downloaded and can be played directly in the browser, the location for the downloaded files could be set and open files in the browser with an external SD card. Opera can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Get detailed information about the operating systems that can be installed for free, on this website:

Google Maps

The new version of Google Map was displayed back at I/O May. The new updates came out earlier in this week which includes a totally new interface and a handful of some new features. Now, the places can be browsed directly without typing as a series of cards will be displayed. You can select categories like drink, eat play etc. While on the road, users would get alerts if a better route becomes available. Google Maps can be downloaded from Google Maps.

Face book

A new update of Face book has been released for its Android App so that user can have an access to folders on its Home Launcher, and this feature was the most requested one. Now the app can be stored on your phone’s SD memory card with Android 2.3.7 or lower.

Professional Android Development has opened a gateway for developers who can test their capabilities to create new apps for smart phones.


Libon is an application that allows users to make unlimited free calls and sent messages. You can make unlimited free calls and sent instant messages with libon contacts. This app also contains speech-to- text feature from which a user could read voice mails, calls, SMS. It was officially launched in Europe and is now available for Android users in US. The latest update could resolve issues with battery life.


You can meet new friends across the world using Minus. Swipe the map and scroll through member profiles. You will come across someone who sparkles your interest? You can take and share photos with your new friends. A beautiful new designed can be expected with the new updates made to minus.


The guardian is a new Android App with some new features to the Google Play Store. Now, the user can save articles for later reading and the action bar has anew book icon.


It is a social network which is developed by shares your where. A location can be shared by users with their friends in real time, even if they aren’t signed in. Glympse could be sent by user via Face book, Twitter, email or SMS and could be used on any device. The new updates with Glympse allows user to safe location to the note-taking app.

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