Why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy S4?

Galaxy series from Samsung was a true turning point for the company as the sales of the devices under this flagship touched a record breaking figure of million that to in just few weeks of the launch. The company revolutionised the smartphones powered with Android series. It was always said Samsung always had the hardware but lacked an OS and introduction of Android changed the path of the company to its glory.

In 2012, we saw a launch of new breed of Smartphone with Galaxy S3, which made a record breaking 20 million sales in just few weeks of its launch. Even the company became successful in outsmarting its arch-rival Apple iPhone5.

And joining into family is the new device Samsung Galaxy S4. Although there would be much pressure on this device rather than its predecessor since Galaxy S3 had already set a benchmark for all other smartphones and Samsung galaxy S4 need to break that barrier and create a legacy of its own.

Galaxy S4 will be powered with Android Jelly Bean OS with some new interactive features. The device encases a 5” Super AMOLED display with a colour density of 441 dpi that would blow your mind off when you first lay your eyes on it. The device protects the display unit with its newly improved Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Although this is not a significant improvement over S3 since the display size take or leave would be same, the only addition to it is the super AMOLED. The huge display wasn’t an all-time favourite but when it comes to browsing, watching HD videos or playing HD videos then it comes to some use; otherwise it has always been a pain to carry it. Being bit extra wide Galaxy S4 is not that easy on hands, since most prefer use of smartphone in one hand only, so the wide body might prove disadvantage to the device. It was surprising to see Galaxy S3 to be successful with its 4.8” screen, so chances are there Galaxy S4 won’t fail miserably in the market of colossal smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes equipped with a 134 mega pixel camera with some amazing mind boggling features. The ‘dual Camera’ function allows the user to capture an image from both the cameras simultaneously. There is ‘Dual video’ function also that works as a conference camera whereas the back camera shows your location in an intricate details, ‘Quite fun, quite unnecessary’. Like Galaxy S3 it can take 100 images in 4 seconds, but then again ‘Quite fun, quite unnecessary’. Ironically the so called advanced features of Galaxy S4 are already available as app in Google Play.

The connectivity option in Galaxy S4 doesn’t allow a chance for disappointment. The HSPDA connectivity is as wide as 42 Mbps and comes also with 4G LTE capability. The LTE technology allows the user a hassle free connection across the globe that has provision for LTE connectivity and more over the speed is amazingly fast.

There are features like S-drive, S-translator, S-health that acts as an interactive app and help in monitoring the activities of the user. The S-drive facilitate the user with voice navigation, the tone may not sound as good as SIRI, but serves its purpose well. The S-translator provides translation of voice to text or text to voice for emails, messaging and other documents. And finally the S-health is a health monitoring system that keeps track of activities of the user.

The features incorporated in this new generation Galaxy S4 that enables it as the most desirable phone of 2013 are: ‘Samsung smart pause’ that controls the screen with the movement of your eyes, for example if you are watching a video and tend to look away from screen for certain reason then the app automatically pause the video. Similar is the ‘Samsung Smart Scroll’ that uses your eye movement to scroll through emails, messaging and other documents. The ‘Air-view’ is something new on the device that allows the user to hover their finger over certain regions for function like preview, scroll etc.

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