5 Best Reasons For Why You Should Buy Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is a hosting company, who provide hosting and domains for her customers. This company rates is some high, but Bluehost give you much more facilities. This company is an old and famous company. Bluehost give you 99.9 uptime guaranty and this company give you thirty days money back guaranty. this mean if you buy blueshot hosting and you fell a don’t like this company hosting, this company give you, your money any time in under thirty days. This is a good option for customers. Today i tell you some best reasons, why you should purchase Bluehost hosting. This company control panel is very easy. I tell you some about Bluehost hosting control panel.

1. Bluehost give you SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing tools option, with help of this option you easily SEO for your website.

2. Bluehost give you logs opportunity. In this option, you see your website latest visitors and see your any webiste used bandwidth and much more you see in this option.

3. Next section in cpanel is security section. In this section you secure your website and hosting with different tools. For example, you create a password for your directories and save more things in this section.

4. The Next section is files section. This is very important section in hosting. You all websites data save in file manger. If you want to see your website data, so click file manger, when you click file manger a window open. In this window you click go option without any changes. when you click go your website data open. In this you see your website pictures, text and any thing. In this section you delete or upload any picture or add any script in your any website. If you want to any change in your website, so here you make any changes. In files section you create a backup of your website and save this backup in your computer. If you want to create a backup so click backups option in files section. When you click backups, a new window is open. In this window you create your website full backup. this is best option in bluehost hosting, but in this option have a problem. If you want to transfer your website any other hosting company, this mean you transfer your hosting from bluehost to Hostgator, so you not add this backup in your hostgator hosting. If you want to add old hosting company backup in your new hosting company, so first you talk for your hosting providers and then you tell her i want to add my old backup in my new hosting, so then this company providers add your backup in your hosting and if they cannot help you, so you don’t add old backup in your new hosting. This is a problem in this backup.

5. The last section is software and services. With the help of this section you install or quick install word-press in your hosting and work on word-press throw your website. Hope you like this article. Remember me in your prayers.

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