How To Use HostGator Control Panel With Easy Steps

Host-Gator is a hosting provider company and this is very famous hosting company. This company gives you many facilities and features. This company is in the list of top ten hosting companies of the world. This company gives you online live chat support any time. This is a best thing in this company. This company gives you word-press quick install facility and much more. Host-Gator cpanel (control panel) is very easy and you learn about host-gator cpanel very easily. Host-gator give you many other facilities but today I tell you about host-gator cpanel.

Host-gator cpanel is very easy. When you buy host-gator hosting and open your cpanel, so first you see special offers. In this section you purchase some more things for your website. For example, you purchase SEO (search engine optimization) gears. If you purchase this, so host-gator work for your website to become your website famous and popular. If you purchase site lock, so with the help of this tool (site lock), you become more secure your website from hackers and then your website hacked changes very low. If you purchase cloud backup, so host-gator save your all data in host-gator cloud backup and if unfortunately any hacker hack your website, so your all data save in cloud backup, this mean you build your website again in just few hours. In this section (special offers) you see some more things.

Next section is host-gator links. In this section you see your billing information. Website templates, host-gator give you this templates absolutely free.

The section three is domains section. In this section you add more domains in your hosting. If you want to add any other domain in your hosting, so click add-on domains and add your any other domain or new domain in hosting and if you want to make a sub-domain, so click sub-domains in domains sections and make a sub-domain in your any other domain. If you want to parked any domain, so click parked domain and if you want to redirect any domain, so click redirects.

Next section is database. In this section you see your PHP and MySQL information.

Next you see preferences section. In this section you change you hosting password and if you don’t know more about host-gator hosting, so you see video tutorial. In this section you change your hosting/cpanel style and give any other style of your hosting/cpanel. If you want to change of your cpanel language, so you change language in this section.

The next section is mail. If you want to make a website email (for example : your-name@your-website-name) and if you want to send any email and if you want to check email of visitors, so you see this all things in section email. In this section you make a forward for your website, this mean if you make forwarder your website email to you Gmail email, so if any person send email in your website email, so forward send this email in your Gmail and you read this email in your Gmail account.

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