Is A Car Wrap Worth It?

Are car wraps worth the hype? If you drive through the interstate, chances are you’ll get to see at least one car or vehicle proudly displaying its graphics. Some are cool while some are barely readable. And if you think that it’s a great way to advertise your wares, here are a few facts before jumping into an investment.

The Cost

A car wrap or any other kind of vehicle wrap will cost a few hundred dollars (simple decals that are strategically placed on a vehicle) up to a few thousand bucks (boat wraps usually require more expensive/high-quality wraps to ensure that it lasts a long time). However, the average car wrap will ensure that it more than makes up for the initial shell out thanks to the the CPM (Cost per thousand impression).

The Statistics

Statistics doesn’t mean anything if your design is beyond average. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of vehicles in the interstate. Even if you’re simply parked in front of a grocery store, if your design doesn’t make a statement, your car wrap or fleet of car wraps will never be worth it. So how should you make your car wrap’s design noticeable? First, mind your fonts. Don’t go for teeny tiny fonts that are barely readable up close and personal. Cursive typography shouldn’t be considered as well as some people have a hard time reading cursive letters. Go for classic fonts that are easily noticeable. Choose color combinations that won’t blend into the background. Unless you’re going for an optical illusion, then colors that mimic nature or a city’s backdrop won’t do you any good.

Well Can You Tell Me More About Car Wraps?

First of all, car wraps are a great form of mobile advertising because you can easily remove the graphics anytime you wish. The special sticker won’t leave a residue on your car. You’ll be sure of the fact that your car’s paint will remain the same. If ever you decide to change a telephone number or any other important detail on your car wrap’s graphics, you can easily order a decal to be placed on top of the existing vinyl. Or if a part of your wrap is damaged, turn in you car so that your car wrap company of choice can easily fix it. Those who’d like to go DIY and just order the vinyl, you run the risk of improperly installing the wrap and shelling out more money in the long run. What’s more, a wrap will probably outlast an average car’s lifetime – about 8 years. This is due in part to new technology that will prevent your car graphics from fading due to the strong rays of the sun and other kinds of harsh weather. The only thing that will destroy your car wrap is if you use an ice scraper or if you go to a car wash that doesn’t know how to deal with wrapped vehicles. For additional information on the drawbacks of wrapping an automobile, visit this website:

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