Fixing Your Car’s Broken Exhaust Pipe – Simple Steps Revealed

There are multiple reasons why an exhaust pipe begins to break down. The worst thing you can do once it does break down is to leave it in this condition as it may cause more problems to your car. An exhaust pipe is responsible for releasing the carbon monoxide within your car as you drive. Carbon monoxide can be very toxic and this is why it is very important to fix your exhaust pipes as soon as you notice something wrong.

If you have some type of mechanical knowledge you can fix it yourself to save on the cost but it is best to just get an expert to do it. You have a choice to make whether to invest your time or your money. If you truly want to save money and put in the time necessary to fix the exhaust pipe then make sure you read how to do it the right way below.

How to Fix a Broken Exhaust Pipe

Fixing your exhaust pipe can be quite simple. With the necessary materials and tools ready, you can begin your task. Make sure you have the appropriate clothing and working gear for your safety and protection.

Then take the following steps:

  • With your vehicle conveniently parked, raise it up high using jack stands at all four sides. You want to use a wheel ramp as a back up support.
  • Let the exhaust system cool down a bit, then inch your way under the vehicle to spot the part that has been broken.
  • Purchase the component needed, including new sets of holders and clamps. You don’t want to recycle the used ones. It can be way easier to replace than to reuse them.
  • You have the replacement part, so gather all the necessary tools and set them where you can conveniently reach them while working under the vehicle.
  • While lying below the car, remove the old clamps using metric wrenches or SAE. Twist and pull away old pipe part to release it from the muffler, and then remove the exhaust hangers. You can start pulling out the pipe from under your vehicle. You may opt to cut it with a hack saw.
  • Install the replacement pipe into place and attach it to the exhaust hangers.
  • Slip on the new clamps over the edge of the replacement pipe and set the replacement pipe up into place over the muffler securely.
  • Set the clamps up and tighten the nuts. Secure the exhaust hangers as well.
  • Double check everything making sure that all your installations are firmly secured particularly the newly replaced exhaust pipe.
  • You can now lower your vehicle. Start the engine and listen for some unnecessary sounds which may be a sign of exhaust leaks; otherwise you have successfully fixed your exhaust pipe.

The cost of vehicle repair and maintenance could be costly, so it makes sense to at least have an idea on how to do some simple repairs and replacements in order to cut down on your expenses.

Fahad Hizam is an active motorsport and tuning writer. He regularly writes about car tuning and JLT Cold Air Intakes.

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