Best Gameshow Hosts On Cable TV

A game show is only as good as the person hosting it. As long as the host is good, the game show can easily be on cable TV or high speed internet websites for decades and never seem stale.

Trademarks of great game show hosts include a killer sense of humor, and genuine enjoyment of what they’re doing, and an ability to connect with the studio audience as well as with the viewers. There are currently several very talented game show hosts that can be seen every single day on cable television or streaming on a high speed internet connection. To discover more about the game show’s comic visit this website:

Steve Harvey

Family Feud first made its way into American homes all the way back in 1976, long before high speed internet and has been popular ever since. Steve Harvey took over hosting duties from John O’ Hurley in 2011 and has been running the show ever since. The proof of Harvey’s success and talent can be seen in the ratings, which got significantly better once he took center stage.

One of the reasons that Steve Harvey has become one of the best game show hosts is because he’s a really funny guy. He has devoted his entire professional life to making people laugh. The lighthearted way he handles every situation that pops up on Family Feud makes him a pleasure to watch. TV Guide considers the Harvey-led Family to be the third best game show on television and he is found all over high speed internet entertainment websites.

Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady first became a household name on the improv show Whose Line is it Anyway?

Before the American version hit the airways, he also was a lesser star in the British version of the show. Today, he is putting his remarkable talent to good use and hosting the game show Let’s Make a Deal, a show where participants frequently dressed in creative costumes have to gauge the value of various items. It has always been a delightful show, and Wayne Brady is perfect in his hosting duties.

Not only does Wayne Brady have an excellent sense of comedic timing that he puts to good use, he also has a true gift for being able to engage the audience. No matter what the Let’s Make a Deal contestants might be doing, you can count on Brady to be entertaining.

Melissa Peterman

When you tune into the Singing Bee and get your first glance at the host, Melissa Peterman, you might think she looks familiar. That’s because before hosting the game show, she did an excellent job playing the kooky and completely loveable wife of Reba McEntire’s ex-husband on the show Reba.

As the host of Singing Bee, Peterman shows that she’s just as sweet and adorable in real life. She’s the kind of game show host that makes viewers feel happy. She does a wonderful job of interacting with both the house band and the contestants who she encourages to remember popular country song lyrics.

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